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Owner and founder, David Alleva MLT, began his journey in to wellness with one simple question: What does being in a state of “healthy” look like internally within the human body and how can we better achieve it? He created the Body Lab LLC where he applied his knowledge of medical laboratory science, nutrition, and personal training to discover why some individuals can achieve an ideal weight and body composition better and/or faster than others.
As he dove deeper in his studies, he transitioned to focusing specifically in fat metabolism, in order to specialize in helping clients effectively nourish and care for their bodies, improve body composition, and reduce inflammation. The led David to mastering the science behind peak aerobic conditioning in elite athletes.  David uses the VO2 Max assessment (the gold standard test for peak athletic performance) to measure how efficiently his client’s muscles are at extracting the oxygen their cardiorespiratory system is pumping out.  David teaches clients how to obtain their peak physical condition for that competitive advantage.
Throughout David’s 10 years of studying human biology and working with thousands of clients with goals ranging from weight loss, peak condition, and improving overall health, one critical point kept coming to the forefront no matter what the goal: Outward peak performance is facilitated by achieving optimal nutrient levels internally. More specifically:
  • Proper levels of Omega Fatty Acids are universally important to any beneficial health goal
  • Absorption of nutrients is vastly affected by the bioavailability of the nutrients consumed
  • Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome affects nearly every system in the body
David wanted to be able to offer his clients products to help them realize their internal health goals. Not satisfied with any current available nutritional offerings on the market, the scientist in David decided to develop unique products that would allow clients to more easily reach optimum nutrient levels. He called this optimum level everyone’s “biological peak”. And from this concept, BIO PEAK was formed.
He first set out to design a product utilizing a powerful blend of proprietary oils that maximize the benefits of the best essential fatty acids. After several iterations, his formula was perfected, and he called it Complete Body Fuel.  
Preliminary results from the addition of Complete Body Fuel into his program not only boosted results of those looking to lose weight and/or who hit a weight loss plateau but also improved the performance of athletes looking for more sustainable energy without the crash. These oils have undeniably kept his clients leaner, helped their bodies function more efficiently, and reduced post exercise recovery time. 
After the success of Complete Body Fuel, BIO PEAK continued to push the limits of optimal nutrition with the creation of the second product in the hydration category. After seeing too many hydration products on the market using synthetic ingredients, Perfectly Balanced Hydration aimed to offer better nutrition and hydration by including nutrients derived from whole foods. 23 organic fruits and vegetables to be exact! By including the organic nutrient blend with electrolytes, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes, Perfectly Balanced Hydration became a true one-of-a-kind product that promotes the body to get back in balance from the inside out.
Today, BIO PEAK continues to be a leader in the creation of products based on the science of optimal performance. With the launch of each new product, they aim to conveniently aid people on their individual health quests.


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